Nursing School Week by Week


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Reasons to go to nursing school

Correction needed. You said that once you have a nursing license, you can work in any state. That’s not true. While many states do have the compact license rule, not all do. As a podcaster, you should research topics before stating something as fact.

For aspiring or new nursing students

I have found this podcast so helpful as I’m debating going to nursing school as an adult with an already established career and bachelors in psychology. I’ve really appreciated all the easily digestible information, tips and tricks. Keep the episodes coming!! I’ve literally devoured your current episodes and need more!

Thank you for the Anki rec

Thanks for your podcast. Really liking the Anki flash card app. Quizlet wasn’t working for me for flashcards. I like that Anki repeats cards that I flag and the shuffled daily sets are great to do when I have five minutes in the day. Your deep dives into topics are great. Thanks!

Love it

Short episodes, tips and tricks to remember certain things, real life. Very helpful! Please keep the episodes coming!

New listener

Hi !! It’s my 1st week of nursing school. I am equally excited and terrified. I love the quizzes that you did throughout the head to toe assessment episode. It really helped my understanding. Thank you !

Children too young for school

Props to Melanie for the podcast on, are you too old for nursing school? I am a single mom with young children in her upper 40s! Never wanted to be in this position, but that’s how life is. Dreamed of going back to school and have made multiple unsuccessful attempts. I did get a bachelors degree in a field that just didn’t fit right out of college. This podcast helped put things in perspective.

The best content for newly accepted students

I’ve been on the hunt for this exact podcast it feels like it was made for me. I got accepted into a competitive program last week + have been frantically planning out every detail of preparation even though I still have two months before my program starts. This podcast has every piece of advice I could want all in one place with a super soothing voice too!

Excellent content into short episodes

I have relistened to these episodes many times. I am preparing for an ADN program and I am following Melanie’s systems . I love how they’re quick episodes jammed with information that I can use with the student perspective. This brave soul actually started a podcast IN nursing school . That’s intense , thank you Melanie .


Im a mom of a toddler and preparing to return to school… nursing school! Thank you so much for doing this podcast it’s eased a lot of anxiety!!!! Heather

A Fib

Hi can you do a A Fib podcast !?


I am starting a 12 month accelerated nursing program in two weeks! I have listened to every episode! Keep making more, it has really helped me feel prepared to take on the next year! Thank you!! Good luck with the rest of your program and career!

So helpful!!

I love your podcasts and I like how how you explain the terms and simplify it to ways we as viewers understand. Also, loved the physical assessment episode that was entertaining!!😆

A Must for Nursing Students

I love this podcast! I highly recommend it if you’re in nursing school or thinking about entering the field. Please keep it up!!

Awesome! PLEASE keep going!!

I love how you break it all down in an easy to understand body systems! I’m sure you’ll be great at whatever you record! Please keep it coming!

So informative! I learned more here than in nursing school!!

So far I have only listen to one of your podcasts, but I learned so much and really enjoyed the way you taught it. I have been an ER nurse for three years and learn so much about medication as I get on a daily basis NY liver patients present the way they do. Please keep making more episodes! I was so impressed!

Thank you

Thank you for sharing. Everything that has been said in this podcast is super helpful. Love it!!

Love this

Keep sharing you share good key points !!


Can you do an episode on diabetes?

Awesome Resource

Thank you for making this podcast! I start my first semester of nursing school in January and I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast as an additional resource to the curriculum.

Please include more meds

Thank you so much for your podcast! You speak clearly and have a great flow! Can you make some pod casts on heart failure, duodenal ulcer’s, parenteral/enteral nutrition, and anti-dysrhythmic drugs? Thank you again!

Love this podcast.

I am so happy I found this podcast. I start my BSN program in January.

Thank you so much

First semester nursing student and loving it all. Please keep this coming. You’re making a huge difference in our lives as we navigate this journey

Wow ! Thank you

Okay not much of a podcast person but with nursing school I am trying everything, and so glad I came across your podcast. Keep it up

Great Find!

I stumbled upon this podcast by accident and it has been so helpful! Her voice is soothing, the information is so helpful!

Great resource

Where was this podcast when I was in nursing school?? I’m an experienced ICU nurse and find this podcast relevant to my job even now. Highly recommend

Love this podcast!

Just found this podcast! I’m currently studying to apply to nursing school and this podcast is easy to follow along and listen! I like when she discusses certain diseases/ conditions and goes into depth. Her acronyms have been so helpful!! Can’t wait till you put out more content!! :)


Your podcasts have helped me ease my nerves before starting my nursing program in august!! It’s super helpful to know all of this information that I’ll eventually need to learn anyway. Thanks!!

Thank you!

Love the quick and thorough overviews- So helpful. And your voice is great for podcasting.

Very good resource!

Great podcast and resource!

New student

I’m happy I found your podcast, this is calming to my nervous which is all over the place, love the ways you explain, (hope my lectures will be similar lol... thanks and I really appreciate you.