Nursing School Week by Week


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Happy to have found it!

Already such a great resource! I’m glad I found it my first week of nursing school! Thanks for the help. I can’t wait to keep listening!

Awesome podcast

Just listened to the physical assessment after practicing it in lab and it was so helpful! LOVE this!!

Great listen

This is great ! Started my accelerated BSN program and this is so helpful ! Keep it up please 🤍


I’m starting my BSN program soon and this is helping me so much to prepare . Super thorough and your voice is calming . Please Make more 💙

Extremely helpful!

I am not currently enrolled in a nursing school but hope to be on the near future! This is a wonderful podcast that definitely helps prepare me for what lies ahead!

My cohort needs this!

Thank you so much! Keep going!

Much needed

I am starting nursing school Aug 17 and I really needed a podcast full of information. Thank you for making this.

Love this podcast

Thank you for creating this! Looking forward to hearing more! We start school here in Kansas August 10th!!!

So helpful

I’m starting nursing school in September!! This is awesome💛


I love her voice. I can totally picture what she is saying and just how excited she is. Loved it til the end. Thank you